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Why change from a litter box to the CatGenie?

In the 21st century, it's the only civilized alternative.

Could you imagine life without your dishwasher, washer/dryer, or indoor plumbing? Yet, if you're like the average cat lover, you spend at least 30 hours a year on litter box chores, from touching, breathing, buying, carrying (in and out) and dealing with that unhealthy litter mess. Why? When now there's a solution as simple and familiar as any of the appliances that you now can't live without.

Touch litter or touch a button.

What are the health, work, and cost differences?

Traditional Box

. Open sewer of odors
. Needs daily maintenance
. May need several litter boxes
. Health issues: germs, dust
. 30 hours of work per year

Traditional Clay Litter
Yearly cost*

Littermaid Self-Scooping

. Moves waste from box to box
. Stores germs and odors
. Health issues: germs, dust
. 20 hours of work per year

Premium Clumping Litter
Yearly cost*

CatGenie Self-Washer

. Replace cartridge; push button
. Dust, germ, odor, hassle free
. One hour of work per year

SaniSolution Cartridge
Replenishment Granules
Yearly cost*

Compare Litter:
A heavy 28 lb bucket of cat
litter lasts 56 days for one cat.
Cost: $18

Compare Catgenie:
One SaniSolution Cartridge
lasts 60 days for one cat.
Cost: $12.50

Self-Scooper vs. CatGenie: Cat areas are the same size. But the CatGenie takes up LESS floor space.

*Yearly costs based on one cat

How green is your litter box?

A typical cat-litter mine

Where does your cat litter come from?
  • Like coal, litter is strip-mined
  • Litter is processed, packaged, and trucked
  • Transport is highest expense
Where does litter end up?
  • It's contaminated with cat waste
  • Dumped into plastic bags
  • 8 Billion lbs of litter end up in landfills every year
  • Litter doesn't biodegrade
Where should waste go?
  • US Environmental Protection Agency recommends solid pet waste, without the litter, be flushed down the toilet
  • Waste from home drains and toilets goes to treatment plants for proper decontamination
  • CatGenie complies with the EPA
Is cat litter safe?
  • From Mayo Clinic: Handling pet waste can be hazardous to your health. You can become infected by scooping a cat's litter box
  • One ounce of cat urine makes a 3 oz clump

Stop littering. CatGenie is Greener and Cleaner.

Do Granules get changed?
  • Permanent Granules never need changing, never form clumps, and don't make waste
  • Replenish as needed. Some stick to solids or get scattered
Are the Granules safe?
  • Made from special recycled plastics
  • Granules are 100% safe
  • Granules biodegrade in landfills within two years and in septic systems within 9 months
Any health issues?
  • Granules thoroughly decontaminated
  • Washes germs and waste away