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The NEW PowerFlusher splits the toughest hairballs.

No matter how often a cat lover brushes their longhaired cats, when the cats wash, their fur ends up in their plumbing and then gets passed. For about 97% of CatGenie owners, that's NOT a problem. But sometimes breaking up a big, hard hairball is hard to do. Not anymore.

The new CatGenie PowerFlusher System, which includes the Turbo Hopper, cuts through hairballs and other tough debris then flushes and drains the waste faster and cleaner than ever before. (Seeing is believing; watch the video.)


We're selling the new system at our web store for owners who bought their CatGenie before June 1, 2008. (Units bought after June 1, 2008 already have the new system.) Our tests show that if it doesn't do the job, call Customer Service you probably need help with your setup.

The New GenieHand and Scrubber.
Two small changes that make a big difference.

The new GenieHand catches and holds every little bit of waste and gets where it's supposed to go. Inside the CatGenie, the Scrubber scours the bottom keeping it shiny clean and free of any odor causing materials. Now the CatGenie is more sanitary and hygienic than ever before. GenieHand and Scrubber Kit available in the web store.

CatGenie Reviews.

Every day we receive letters of praise from our CatGenie clients. They also send ideas and suggestions. Our huge Customer Survey gave us very high marks for service and satisfaction. Our Newsletters keep our customers updated with product upgrades.

We read on line reviews that are both good and not so good. Many of the problems have been solved and the rest can be fixed with a call to Customer Service. Any reviews you read about draining, are very old and no longer apply.

You can feel confident about owning a CatGenie.

"I'm Extremely happy with
the CatGenie. I haven't had
a single problem since
I installed the new hopper
several months ago."
Joe B.

"My results are excellent.
No issues at all."
Kit K.

"You solved the problem.
Now the CatGenie is
Howard M.

"The new hopper
has been working
with out so much as a
hiccup for many, many
months. The whole unit
is functioning
Robert F.